Equipment Audits, Inspection and Overhauls

Inpakt SA partners with its customers to ensure excellent asset care management principles are practiced on the purchased equipment. This helps the customer achieve world class manufacturing standards. With Inpakt SA technical support, customers achieve OEEs (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) of 75% upwards.

Technical support also includes

  • Machines and line start up
  • First line maintenance training and demonstrations
  • Tribology
  • Lubrication (wear, friction, and lubrication) for the machines 

Services offered include:

  • Periodic equipment audits (monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annual) 
  • Condition Based Maintenance with training for Operators and Technicians
  • Overhauls and shutdown execution and supervision of customer technicians 
  • Supply of spares required for the shutdown maintenance

Inpakt SA supplies turnkey solutions to the following industrial segments:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Dairy
  • Water Bottling
  • Juice and soft drinks manufacturing Equipment
  • Brewing process and Beer Packaging Equipment
  • Packaging processes
  • Mining and Heavy Industrial Manufacturing


  • Pharmaceutical
  • Pharmaceutical Equipment sales
  • Pharmaceutical equipment design, manufacture, and distribution
  • Laboratory equipment supplies
  • Process audit and optimization
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  • Supply of dairy equipment
  • Homogenisers
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Ice cream making plants

  • Relocation of plants
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Water Bottling plants & Water treatment solutions

  • Entry level lines
  • Easy Fill Line (custom built in our workshops)
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Medium to High-speed lines

  • Supply, installation, and commissioning of medium to high-speed lines for water bottling (5000 BPH to 45000 BPH)
  • After sales support
  • Spares, maintenance contracts, mini-SLA, Man Day Contracts
  • Equipment inspection, auditing and overhaul support
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Brewing process and Beer Packaging Equipment

  • Brewhouse equipment supply, installation, and commissioning
  • Spares parts/components supply
  • Brewhouse upgrades/retrofits
  • Design and manufacture -carbonators
  • Beer packaging equipment supply
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Packaging processes

  • Manual packaging solutions
  • Automated packaging processes
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Mining and Heavy Industrial Manufacturing

  • Mining equipment supplies
  • Bulk bagging machines (iron ore/Cobalt Sulphate)
  • After sales support
  • Spares
  • Inspection/audits/overhauls
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Juice and soft drinks manufacturing Equipment

  • Turnkey solutions for beverage filling (juice and soft drinks)
  • Complete life cycle support
  • Services range from installation, commissioning
  • Retrofitting and upgrading of the equipment(refurbishments)
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