Turnkey Solutions

Inpakt SA is a South African based company offering Turnkey solutions within the FMCG sector. 

The services offered include: 

  • Equipment installations 
  • Commissioning 
  • Performance Acceptance Testing (PAT) 
  • Project Management 
  • Training for operators, technicians, and plant management 
  • Project documentation (manuals/videos/work instructions/maintenance schedules) 
  • Factory relocations
    1. Plant audit before relocation 
    2. Equipment /Utilities dismantling) 
    3. Logistics(rigging) 
    4. Installation and commissioning 
    5. PAT and post relocation audit 




About 60% of the business model for Inpakt SA is based on new machine sales. The company imports 80% of the machines from Europe, Asia, USA, and India. 20% of the machines sold are custom built in the company’s workshops in Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg.

Filling Technology 

Inpakt SA supplies a wide range of Fillers for various applications such as 

  • Food and drink filling 
  • Pharmaceutical applications 
  • Water filling 
  • Beer filling (clear and opaque) 

Fillers supplied include 

  • Lobe pump fillers 
  • Piston fillers 
  • Rotary fillers (medium speed to high speed) 
  • Gear pump fillers 

Capping Technology

Inpakt SA cappers are mostly custom built but also imported depending on customer needs. For most operations, cappers are integrated with the filling machines (Bloc format).

Labelling Technology

Inpakt SA labellers range from the desk top versions up to full scale HS adhesive labelling machines. These are custom built as per customer requirements or imported.

Dry end Equipment

Inpakt SA has 100% inhouse capacity to design, manufacture and install dry end equipment ranging from basic to advanced conveyor system, shrink tunnels and pallet wrapping machines.

Conveyor systems

Inpakt SA designs, manufactures all conveyors inhouse including the following

  • Conveyor logic and control systems via PLC 
  • Conveyor sequencing and synchronization with upstream or downstream equipment
  • Drive systems for the conveyors 
  • Conveyor lubrication system
    • Dry 
    • Wet 

Shrink Tunnels

Pallet wrapping machines

Spare Parts

Inpakt SA supplies the following sp are types

Critical spares on purchase of new machines based on offer specification. These are mostly wear parts such as gears, sprockets and motors that require replacements. Consists of parts with random failure patterns and parts that require manufacturing once failure has occurred. The wear parts usually have lead times of 6 to 8 weeks, with possible logistical delays. Increase uptime and reduce downtime by stocking critical spares for all your machines-Inpakt SA approach. 

Overhaul/Shutdown Spares

Periodic equipment audits and inspections are conducted to increase the useful life of machines. Inpakt SA Technicians and Engineers conduct thorough audits and come up with recommendations:

  • Spares replacements 
  • Spares substitution 
  • Equipment upgrade/retrofitting 
  • Equipment replacement 

Whatever the outcome, Inpakt SA provides the required solution! 

Custom Built spares

Our customers have a right to choose what type of spares they want to use. The choice depends on material type, quality of spares and availability. Inpakt SA has manufacturing capability in 3 geographic locations-Durban, Cape Town, and Johannesburg. The spares have a lead time of 7 to 10 working days. 

Replacements parts

OEMs supply machines with standards spares and components. Inpakt SA offers universal spare part replacements where original spares are no longer available or have longer than usual lead times.

3 D Spares

Inpakt SA has embarked on a future oriented project-3 D Printed spares for some applications! 3 D print technology is still under trial within the company -to be in use by mid-2022.

Third Party Equipment sales

Inpakt SA primarily focuses on selling its own equipment brand but has global strategic partnerships with 3rd party equipment suppliers. The company utilises its competitive global network, logistical advancements, and agility to offer customers a wide range of outsourced equipment at a fair price. Date coding machines are offered as 3rd party equipment and supported by Inpakt SA professional team.

LAN Handling Technologies

Inpakt SA strategic business partners supplying all handling technologies in Southern Africa and Middle East.

Rayonics X Ray Inspection Systems

Upgrades/Retrofits/Refurbishments/ Used Machine Sales

Inpakt SA has a strong technical team of Engineers and Technician whose mandate is to offer the customers the best professional advice and service. For machines nearing useful life period (Bathtub curve), Inpakt SA professionals recommend

  • Machine upgrades (partial or complete upgrades) based on modular design of the machine
  • Retrofitting of the machines to accommodate new SKUs introduced by Sales and Marketing or just to increase machine capability. This varies from simple conversions to complex conversions done onsite as well as in our workshops.
  • Used
  • Refurbishments are done on both Inpakt SA equipment and 3rd party machines. This requires 4 to 6 weeks workshop work and 1-week onsite installation, commissioning, and handover of the refurbished machines.
  • Inpakt SA buys, refurbishes and sales used machines to support the wide network of customers with various needs.

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