Inpakt SA is a leading African packaging brand. Inpakt SA prides itself as a global turnkey packaging Solution. Based in South Africa, Inpakt SA is strategically positioned, to exceed the needs of our valued clients.

Inpakt SA specialises in providing an all under one roof packaging solution and understand the dynamics and planning required for a seamless installation.
Whatever your packaging needs, Inpakt SA will have a solution. If you do not see it on website, we are equipped to manufacture custom machines to fit your specific requirements. Inpakt SA machines are designed to, if need be, integrate with one another or to optimise your existing machines. We offer hands-on service for both, maintenance and support with a skilled team of engineers, experienced managers and technicians working together to create a long -term relationship with our clients.

  • To be an exceptional services provider for the filling and packaging segment in Africa and the Middle East.

Achieved through

  • Offering turnkey solutions to our customers
  • Increased productivity for our customers and clients
  • Offering effective maintenance management/asset care programs 
  • Continuous after sale support with excellence
  • Critical spares supply
  • Periodic audits, inspections, and overhauls

 An exceptional services provider of the filling and packaging segment to offer turnkey solutions to our customers, Increase productivity to our clients, offering effective maintenance for installations, continuous after sale support, critical spares supply, yearly audits and inspections.

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Management Team

Nishara Naidoo

Managing Director and Founder (Inpakt SA)
Head: Projects and Operations Director (Inpakt Group)
Inpakt Group Co-Founder
Marketing Director (Pack to Go) with global Marketing experience
BA Hons: Business Management; Advanced Project & Operations Management; Brand Strategy (M.A)

Redemption Bandera
Consulting engineer

Inpakt SA/Group Consulting Engineer
Manufacturing Systems & Operations Management expert
Global experience within FMCG sector (Middle East & Africa, Europe)
After Sales, Business Development experience
B Tech Hons Production Engineering, M.Sc. Manufacturing Systems and Operations Management, MBL